Efficient multi-tasking

Real life

This year I am again doing the Popsugar reading challenge. For efficient and effective multi-tasking purposes I have opted to make the “a book that’s more than 600 pages” challenge double up as something useful work my career by reading the InDesign CC Help book. There are so many cool new features since I started learning InDesign CS2 and I must admit, I haven’t kept up to date as best as I should.

two birds, one stone, using a reading challenge to read the help book for the software I use most often. adobe indesign cc, popsugar reading challenge, multi-tasking

Removing Pen Input Pop-Up


When using a Wacom tablet in my Windows machine, Windows decided to add a few annoying and not wanted features.

  1. A hovering pop-up to hand-write whenever a text cursor is shown.
  2. Long pressing the pen made a strange “freeze computer while showing a blue circle” thing.

To remove these annoying anti-features:

Control Panel > Pens and Touch

windows wacom bamboo tablet pen input device annoying pop up help advice hack remove

Start Tablet PC Input Panel: This is what is causing the annoying pop up asking to enter hand written information. Turn it off.

Press and Hold:  This is what is causing the freezing and blue circle. Apparently that is just the computer doing a right click.