Too many ideas, too little time.

Sometimes you have wonderful ideas and jump on them right away. Then you remember you have to do other things with your time and that new idea or project falls to the way side. After a while you totally forget about the idea and have had many more since.

Looking over old files on my creativity hard drive I see how my design sensibilities have changed; my personality very little. I also come across files from a time in my life where I had less going on so had more time and jumped on my ideas a little more.

One of my favourite old projects which has been sidelined for years is “We Spoilt It” a photographic book containing wonderfully beautiful and breathtaking images. The catch, there is something ugly and man-made in the frame wrecking a perfectly good photo. I think I took about three images. I think about it regularly though. I found the first of the images in amongst my old files and think: too many projects, too little time.