Freelancing websites

There are so many options of places to go to in order to get freelancers these days. I have signed up to many of these in the past and browsed the many, many postings for experts at minimum wage. Not that my goal is to make hundreds of dollars per hour but I don’t want the world to think that professional graphic designers with decades of experience should have to work for only a few dollars per hour. So I leave before getting a single job.

The platforms that actually do have some good jobs for good clients had me working at minimum wage just to compete with the low end of the barrel. As I am a good, honest worker who loves, and is great at what I do, it didn’t take long to get all the accolades such as Top Rated on these platforms.

The downside with any business, having all your eggs in one basket is never good. What happens if your best client leaves? What happens when that great freelancing website collapses?

To try and mitigate any lose in work when the inevitable happens, I have decided to branch out and today I signed up to TopTal who are another player in this big pond. This website says they are different because they get the very top freelancers. It even has a screening process which does sound promising.