Spread number reminders


I am working on a project at the moment where there are a few spreads with names and then a bunch that are referred to by numbers. None of these actually co-relate to the printed page. This means I can’t just scroll to spread 5 when my client is referring to spread 5. To remind myself about which spread is being referred to I have simply placed a “note to self” box in the margin with the spread number. Simple and easy.

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Visually moving pages


One of my favourite and simple InDesign tips or tricks involves visually moving pages around in a big document without the need to remember page numbers. I put a coloured box on the page I am moving. And a coloured box on the page before where I am re-positioning.


Then in the pages view, I can easily see the two pages and move them. Put the red boxed page after the green boxed page. Simple.

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Remove the two boxes on the page itself and I am done.

If you are moving a page to the start or the end of the document or if you can remember the page number, it is quicker to use the standard “Move Pages” dialogue box.

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