booth tradeshow exhibition design banner and backdrop for show at convention center including pull-up banner

Conference Collateral

Many print items are required for the yearly Museums and the Web conference. This required working from the previous InDesign […]

Joke book

Working really closely with the author to ensure that the overall look of the book would resonate with the target […]

60 page layout graphic design for print conference convention program booklet

Convention Booklet

Design the page layout and create the 60 page convention program booklet. I have also designed the cover and various […]

Strategic Plan

Worked with client requirements to design the page layout for this printed strategic plan. This is a text heavy document […]


Client Testimony: It was a true pleasure to be able to access Kassandra’s skills. As a first-time book writer, she […]


I worked directly with the hospital to design a suitable professional layout for their annual report. I started with the […]

interior book design journal articles print booklet conference collateral branding 300+ pages printed assorted papers museums and the web mw2105 conference Corey Doctorow typeset, page layout, design,

Conference Design

I redesigned the page layout for the conference program and the book of journal articles for the annual Museums and […]

textbook layout text book non fiction layout interior book black and white greyscaale grayscale b/w sections table of contents glossary big book large project seies series compact text amazon print on demand print-on-demand pod


Working closely with the author, I have designed a functional layout for a series of black and white textbooks. After […]

novel fiction book design book cover typeset interior book page layout print print-on-demand saxo createspace kindle epub kobo ebook spreads blood drips danish language

Fiction Novel

I designed the page layout and cover for the Danish Novel Døde Mænd. After working with the client to determine the design, […]