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Conference Collateral

Many print items are required for the yearly Museums and the Web conference. Working from the previous InDesign files I created a new look. Then I populated the documents with this years content. Items created for MWEB 2015 include: pull up banners, background, advertisements for other publications, book of journal papers, program, filler advertisements, table tent, name tags, ebook, epub, business cards, invitations to events.

This particular project is a great example of how branding can be done consistently across a range of different materials.

Marketing and promotional materials

The materials created for a conference are very specific and functional. Below are some of the extras or marketing/promotional materials that went along with the two major conference books. Table tents are useful to not only advertise the various social media accounts to generate engagement but it a way to list major sponsors for exposure. On the inside (and there are usually two sides when printing) there are advertisements for the next Museum and the Web conference. Banners are useful in a range of settings at a conference. Advertisements are needed in the lead up to generate interest. As are business cards to hand out before, during and after the event.

Normally a conference will require some sort of name tag. For the several hundred people, a simple mail merge was used to create individual name-tags. They included not only the person’s name but also their company and position. Great for networking.

This particular conference also has several ticketed events. So different tickets were created for each of the events.

Journal articles

A big part of what this company does and why it holds a conference is research into museums and how they use the internet. So every year they select and publish various journal articles. As well as redesigning the page layout, I have typeset the articles in several editions.

headersForBehance_cover lakazdi graphic design - book cover book interior layout page design headersForBehance_cover lakazdi graphic design - ebook

I have also created an epub version of the book of journal articles. Using rich formatting, inline images and captions as well as clickable hyperlinks and footnotes.

Conference program

With a large list of daily talks, a program and some way finding is required. The program contains not only a map of the whole area where the conference is held but a timetable view of each of the three days. Then there is a section that lists out and has an explanation about what talk is happening where, who is speaking and what they are talking about.