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workbook design

100% custom workbook design based on your brand. Unlimited activity pages. Ready for printing and viewing on computer complete with fillable PDF fields.

Turn-around time: 14-28 business days.


Payment Methods: Credit cards and bank transfers using PayPal: including Pay in 4.

Direct Bank Transfers accepting $AU $US £GB €.

Refund Policy

Workbook Design inclusions:

  • PDF file with fillable fields
  • Designed to be both print and screen ready in one document!
  • Unlimited activity pages designed based on your needs
  • Price depends on page count
  • 100% custom made using your existing branding (or revamping if needed)
  • Good looking cover page
  • Page numbers (starting after the cover page)
  • All interactive elements clickable (Table of contents, URLs, emails etc.)

workbook design 100% custom based on your brand following company fonts and colours no template used unlimited activity pages based on your needs professional print and screen ready PDF with fillable fields best used for workshop lead magnet email list building teaching and selling course online

Have your workbook design brought up to the professional level your students deserve. Lakazdi will take your branding and transform your materials to the high quality level you cannot achieve without having specific design skills. Focus on your offering instead of design. No two workbooks will be the same because the audience and content are always so different. Don’t settle for a template or the basic look. Use this workbook design for meetings, workshops, face-to-face delivery, classrooms, seminars, online teaching, courses and a wide range of other situations. Can be used in any industry.

The bits that make a workbook

Lakazdi makes documents. Rest assured that whilst you put together all the learning content, Lakazdi will worry about the other stuff. Things like page numbers, table of contents, a proper cover, room to write in.

Activity pages

A workbook has both content to read through and space to engage and interact with the materials. You have devised the best activities to do this. Lakazdi will make sure all of these pages look amazing and will be intuitive for your students. If you need a specially designed activity on every page, no problems, Lakazdi can do that for you. Your workbook design comes with unlimited activity pages.

Built for print and the screen

When designing your workbook Lakazdi will make sure that it is print ready. But of course, not everyone prints these days. Therefore in this case, Lakazdi will design with this in mind. So the book will be designed flexibly to allow for printing (no full pages of colour) and images will be crisp when printed. But thinking about the screen and your customers using the workbook online means other things. Firstly, Lakazdi will make all writing areas be fillable PDF fields. Images will be optimized for both good quality printing and small filesize so you can send the files through the internet. Hyperlinks will be clickable as will the table of contents.

form diary planner journal design workbook design for yoga studio who focuses on the eight limbs of yoga manifesting dreams using the chakra system and meditation


Headings, subheadings

These match your brand. As a standard, you will be given three heading levels. If you need any specific styles please let Lakazdi know and these will built in for you.

workbook for mindful leader book what is both print and electronic

Bulletpoints and numbered lists.

In case you need them, these are all custom selected by our designer to match your brand.




Information Collection

Fill in form with your company details. The content won't be changing so make sure you triple check everything!

Design and Revise

Lakazdi will design your document within 48 hours and together we'll take up to three revisions to ensure the document is perfect.

File Delivery

Once everything is complete, Lakazdi will send your files to your email account. These will all be print quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Learn more about the process and the specifics.

Yes, I understand if you have some more questions and want to chat with me directly before purchasing. Please arrange a suitable time to chat here: https://calendly.com/lakazdi/10min 

Please check what type of documents are included. All InDesign, Illustrator, Word and Powerpoint files are editable. With PDFs these will not be editable unless you have the correct software. 

A revision is basically a round of changes. A change is something like trying a new image or emphasising something differently or adding a comma. Generally these are small little changes to make sure everything is just perfect. So a revision does not change content dramatically.

Most products come with three rounds of revisions, that means there are three sets of back and forward. A round of revisions start from the moment your file is opened, to when it is saved and a new proof is sent to you. The amount of change happening in that round of revision is up to you. So if you want to see what it looks like with a different image and ask for no other little changes. That is a round of revisions.

Once files have been sent, the client is granted full and unlimited reproduction rights to the product.
Lakazdi retains the right to reproduce the finished product, in any form, for marketing, competitions or other self–promotional uses only. Lakazdi is prohibited from reproducing the product in any for–profit use.


All design work by Lakazdi is completely customised to your brand. However, some backend things have been automated to speed things up for Lakazdi to ensure speedy creation of files. 

The information collection happens the same day as you purchase a product. Within 48 hours you will receive the first draft. Then the revision process takes as long as it takes (see below on tips to reduce this time). Then once approved, files will be sent within 24 hours.

To save time during the revision process:

Triple-check your content before sending. If your content needs lots of changes the revision process takes longer.

Frequently check your emails. If there are delays in replying to emails, the process takes longer.

Single point of contact. Remember to factor extra time if you have to get approval from your boss or board of directors. Save yourself time by only having one person communicate with Lakazdi.


Chances are no. Please contact Lakazdi about your changes to get the best price possible based on your particular needs.

Mistakes and errors should be discovered during the revision process. This is why there are three rounds of revisions. Lakazdi is not responsible for any errors after the client has approved the product and received their final files.

Nope. Nada. Ziltch. What the store says, you pay. No budget blowouts. (Your bank might charge extra).

Lakazdi is not responsible for printing. You will receive print files via email and will have to find your own print supplier. 

Any discounts for packages will be automatically calculated at checkout.

Please contact Lakazdi to discuss your requirements. 

Lakazdi will charge $100/hour for changes to any document created through this web service. No, you do not need to purchase the whole document again, just email Lakazdi and explain what you need.