Graphic Design mockups

behind the scenes, Showcasing

It has been really interesting for me to see how much the trend of print mockups has been on the internet as a way to showcase your work. Not so long ago when I first was adding portfolio items to behance I was using just screenshots of my files and now I take the time (which is getting quicker and quicker) to make mockup images. They really do tell the story better and are instantly recognisable. It is not until I see the two side-by-side that I realise this is a trend that will not be going away and this is something I am very happy with.

It certainly makes a difference when showing spreads of a book. Previously I felt the need to show the spine and edges otherwise there is no context.

using photoshop photo realistic mockup files to showcase your printed design work

I really do not think the difference is as profound with the cover but certainly, it is more obvious that this is a book cover and not a flyer or something else.mockups2But when showing something really quite big, like a billboard, the mockups are simply wonderful because it is so much easier to understand the scale in this context.

using photoshop photo realistic mockup files to showcase your printed design work

Removing Pen Input Pop-Up


When using a Wacom tablet in my Windows machine, Windows decided to add a few annoying and not wanted features.

  1. A hovering pop-up to hand-write whenever a text cursor is shown.
  2. Long pressing the pen made a strange “freeze computer while showing a blue circle” thing.

To remove these annoying anti-features:

Control Panel > Pens and Touch

windows wacom bamboo tablet pen input device annoying pop up help advice hack remove

Start Tablet PC Input Panel: This is what is causing the annoying pop up asking to enter hand written information. Turn it off.

Press and Hold:  This is what is causing the freezing and blue circle. Apparently that is just the computer doing a right click.