What to Expect

Every job is different but generally the process or workflow is similar. When working with Lakazdi, Graphic Design happens in these phases:


Depending on the situation, this phase would include a job brief including scope, project budget; contract to be created; any administration tasks required by both Lakazdi and yourself.


Before starting, please supply all your visuals — logo, corporate style guide, other documents.

Lakazdi will design multiple choices and together we will revise until perfect.

Roll Out (when there is multiple versions or pages)

Longest phase where all remaining pages will receive the same visual treatment as determined in the design phase. It is highly recommended to keep changes to a minimum now.


You will receive not only the files in the formats that you need but also the source files. We will call this particular project closed and we can discuss any future requirements.


Lakazdi wants to provide the best service possible and feedback is appreciated at any stage during a project. How can Lakazdi help you more?

The little things

There are so many little details that Lakazdi worries about so that you don’t have to. These include things like proper use of quote marks, hyphen/en-dash/em-dash correction, linked cross-references and hyperlinks, using styles and master sheets.

Some of the extra little things to expect when working with Lakazdi are:

  • Large library of professional design assets including fonts, vectors, stock library subscription
  • epub versions of your novel
  • a courtesy spell check
  • instructional videos to accompany any templates
  • Helpful reminders when it’s time update your files
  • Clickable table of contents