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Are you an industry expert now teaching others?

You can increase your audience and maximise your value by leveling up and getting someone else to do the design side of things. Stay inside your zone of genius, and I’ll stay in mine.

Qualified graphic designer specialising in documents, helping clients worldwide.

specialist in

workshop materials

Don’t give yourself a headache making your course materials like workbook, brochures or PowerPoints. Leave it to me so you can get back to what you do best.

Hi, I am Kassandra.

Not only a qualified graphic designer but also a qualified early-childhood educator. I’ve spent years typesetting educational materials including thick textbooks. I love my job!
I work remotely and with clients from all over the world.

Kassandra Marsh professional workbook designer graphic design for workbooks so experts can pass their knowledge in workshops and with online courses

Get your copy of Make better workbooks today.

This PDF will go over a variety of different types of activity pages you can include in your workbook and give some insight into why you would use them.

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Previous Clients:

Previous Clients:



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Design Process:

Collect Information

We'll put together a project brief.
The content won't be changing so make sure you triple check everything!

Design and Revise

Lakazdi will design your document within 48 hours and together we'll take up to three revisions to ensure the document is perfect.

File Delivery

Once everything is complete, Lakazdi will send your files to your email account. These will all be print quality.

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