Efficient multi-tasking

This year I am again doing the Popsugar reading challenge. For efficient and effective multi-tasking purposes I have opted to make the “a book that’s

Removing Pen Input Pop-Up

When using a Wacom tablet in my Windows machine, Windows decided to add a few annoying and not wanted features. A hovering pop-up to hand-write

Ebook mock up

How do you showcase the documents that tend to be single sided and mostly viewed on a screen aka “ebooks”? I have opted to show the

Annual Report Design

This annual report is a sample job to show that I am able to take pre-existing branding guidelines and design a finanical document. I have

book cover design redesign photoshop typography book internal pages design layout printing epub arabic

Arabian Nights

A complete redesign of the Arabian Nights Stories. This new layout was designed by Lakazdi and the project included: Book cover design, Page Layout, Book Design,

Using and adapting a template

I was given the text/content and the InDesign template and typeset this ebook. I was given a selection of images to choose from but ultimately,

brochure for a client

For this brochure I was given content by the client and adapted the look and feel of the website to make a brochure that fits

email signatures

Each email signature required different information but remain consistent with the brand design but look like they are part of a set. I have also