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Webinar Checklist

9 things for a more successful webinar (checklist)

webinar checklist things to include to have a more successful webinar including getting a professional graphic designer to design your slides and handout or workbook

Here is a list of 9 things to run your webinar, a webinar checklist. These things individually are not too much work but all together will help you to run a successful webinar. If you need a place to host a webinar, read my previous blog post.

Sign-up Page

This doesn’t have to be a big fancy sales landing page. It can be as simple as having your logo, a small spiel, time and date details and a place for people to put their email address. But if you want to add more you can. More images, benefits, transformation, testimonials etc.

Successful Sign Up

Such an easy one to miss but the user wants to know that they made onto the list. Don’t forget to let them know they are in and all they have to do is wait. You can either get the website to confirm it with a popup or similar. The sign-up/registration form could redirect to a new website. Or maybe you would prefer to have your mail system send out a successful sign up email with the details. It also allows them to use the email as a inbox item and to use whatever productivity method they normally use. Either way. This makes sure your users have more confidence and it will build excitement.

Add to calendar button

Don’t make them work for it. Add on your website or email an add to calendar widget. They are more likely to show up if the webinar is listed in their calendar. And they will probably smile deeply knowing you made it extra easy for them.

1 hour before email

Chances are they forgot anyways. So sending a 1 hour before email might be the thing that gets them to remember they have a place to be. And this is enough time for them to make sure they have a quite space, all the materials they need and prepare mentally.

10 minutes in email

This one is optional and requires more of a system. If your webinar service allows people to log-in so you know who is in attendance and who isn’t this is an option. You can set up in advance a short and sweet email just reminding them gently that the webinar has started. Using the online service, you can get this email to send out to only those people who are not in attendance. Who knows, this might be just the thing to get more people attending.


Don’t forget to design all your slides. This can easily get done a week or two in advance and gives you a chance to rehearse a few times. There is a bit of a less is more and more is less thing going on there. You want to not pack too much onto a single slide so that might mean having around 100 slides for a 60-minute webinar. Seriously! Lakazdi can help you with the design of the slides so you can focus on other things. 

webinar design


Handout or workbook

Depending on your desired outcomes, you might want to send a handout or workbook to your users. This can either be before the webinar so they can follow along. At the start as a bonus for showing up. Or afterwards as a thank you. Don’t just send these just because. Make sure they add value to your audience. Lakazdi can help with creating these materials with you.

workbook design 100% custom based on your brand following company fonts and colours no template used unlimited activity pages based on your needs professional print and screen ready PDF with fillable fields best used for workshop lead magnet email list building teaching and selling course online

Email with replay link

Don’t forget to record your webinar. After the webinar you can send this link out to your audience. It is either as a bonus and value adding to those who attended or maybe it is the way with which people view it in the first place. I know I often rely on the email with replay when I sign up for webinars in the U.S. time zones. These are normally happening in the middle of the night for Australians. Don’t miss out on an entire geographical region just because of the time zones. Let users know on your sign up page that there will be a replay.

Ask for feedback

After the webinar has finished, ask your audience for feedback. It is the only way that you will be able to evaluate what worked, what didn’t and then improve for the future. This can be a mass email to your audience as ask them to reply. You can use something like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. There are many different options.

webinar checklist things to include to have a more successful webinar including getting a professional graphic designer to design your slides and handout or workbook

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