Visually moving pages

One of my favourite and simple InDesign tips or tricks involves visually moving pages around in a big document without the need to remember page

Freelancing websites

There are so many options of places to go to in order to get freelancers these days. I have signed up to many of these

Evolution of avatars

Seeing how my own internet avatar has not only changed because of my change in personal branding but also with age I ponder. As a

Losing the em-dash

The “- -” has not only taken over the Internet. I’ve seen it in printed brochures and *gasp* a printed book. The “- -” symbol actually does mean something. It is a “decrement operator”.

Convert shapes

InDesign has a quick and easy way to convert any shape, with all of its settings, into any other shape.

Relinking in InDesign

Something that has caused me to grunt in frustration for years is going to relink files in InDesign and it decides I want to find

serifish fonts

Came across a great request on Clients From Hell. My favourite “serifish” fonts: Odudo Slab and Museo. What are your favourite fonts that blur the


explaining what I do visually

Sometimes the best way for me to show people what I did is to show them where I started. This week I have been wanting