Digital letterheads for a paperless office

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I know paperless offices are becoming more of a trend. To be honest, my office has always been paperless. But there are new ways of doing things now with electronic/digital publication of things like letters, invoices, contracts and any other paperwork. You might have a printed letterhead and use it sometimes but how often do you send Word docs or exported PDFs to people these days? Make sure your company still looks good when sending PDFs from Word.

A really simple way you can incorporate digital-ism is to have hyperlinked company logos in all documents pointing back to the website. If you chose to have the whole email address written out anywhere, make sure you can click it. Where possible, even edit what the subject is so your customers will simply click it and their email is mostly already done for them. Don’t make your customers copy and paste, or worst, type it themselves. Make links!

digital letterhead made in Microsoft Word to easily make the page look more professional easy template for a paperless office all digital with hyperlinks and social media icons

People are not necessarily connecting with you in the old methods. They may never call you. Instead they might Tweet, or Facebook or Email you. If you are a professional they might find you on something like LinkedIn or Behance. This is the way now. So my digital letterhead has these icons which are so instantly recognisable that everyone knows what to do with their one they are familiar with. I have given my customers options. And see what I did there? I didn’t make anybody hunt for these contact details, or type them or copy and paste them. These are all clickable hyperlinks because I value my customers time and this makes life easier for them.


My digital letterhead is made in Microsoft Word. Simple reason why: it is easiest to type there, export a PDF and send. The spell check and everything are all available. But I don’t want my Word doc to look like a standard Word doc. So there is my “letterhead” stuff — logo at the top, social media icons at the bottom. The document is all set up with my fonts, colours, headers (three levels of course). Page two looks different to page one. All those things that save time and make all my documents consistent are all set up in a template. When I want to type a letter. All I do is open a blank template and it is ready to go. I just type. All my formatting options are available one click away.

If you want a digital letterhead in Word so all you have to do is open your template and type and always get a good looking letter, contact me today about your specifics. Let’s make you more efficient and professional looking. Prices starting at $200.

Easy Template Design

behind the scenes

While making an InDesign template for a client. I thought of how daunting InDesign can be with all its options and tools. Knowing my client would like the easiest template possible I did certain things to simplify the template. The biggest consideration was to lock anything that the client will not be editing. I set up the InDesign package with multiple cover images so updating the link changed the cover image. Super easy.

The template has the date and company name getting changed in several places each so I have set up find and change terms (find <company> and <date>). This makes it very easy to change all instances. The textboxes which contain these two terms were also made flexibly so if there was to be a long company name, the textbox would adjust.

template terms find replace, find/change indesign template easy for client to edit and change or alter based on input locked layers locking indesign cc

Another item which needs editing by the client is a radial graph. Everything that is not being edited is on a locked layer. This takes out most of the complexity here and creates a less daunting editing task.


Ebook mock up


How do you showcase the documents that tend to be single sided and mostly viewed on a screen aka “ebooks”?

I have opted to show the design as both a single page and on an iPad.

mock up, mocks, ebook, single sided business document that is viewed on a screen ipad as well as printed template showcasing portfolio demonstrating

Using free mockups with smart layer capability I have added these two different elements to show the versatility of these documents. I have two versions, one for A4 pages and one for letter pages.

By always showing these types of work using this mockup template it gives people a clear indication as to how the designs are different from each other because the “background noise” is always the same.

Attributions:  Page and iPad Smart Layer branding elements by: Santiago Moreno