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Online Meetings – Sending Links, Having Slides, Online Workbooks With Fillable Fields

Sending Links, Having Slides, Online Workbooks With Fillable Fields

There are some things that are particularly useful to send to participants of your online meetings. This blog post will outline some of these.

  • Sending Links
  • Presentation Slides
  • Online Workbooks (With Fillable Fields).

Sending links

If you are going to use any reference materials don’t forget to send the links. You can even send out an email a few days beforehand with these links if you want people to attend more informed. Other links that are crucial to send is the link to the meeting itself. You don’t want the participant to worry about not having the link or to lose it. So sending it the day before hand is a perfect balance.

If you are having any interactivity through third-party websites (example using a quiz website) then don’t forget to have these links read to go.

Presentation slides

For some people, reading is quicker and easier. Having a slide deck that you flick through not only helps those people, but can also help you to stay on track as you deliver your meeting. Having an on brand and easy to digest deck can help the user experience. Again, some people are readers. But it also shows everyone that you’ve taken care in creating a deck beforehand. This adds more gravity to what you are saying. This is one of those actions speaking louder than words moments.

If you are using a slide deck, a key thing to remember is not to have all your talking points on the slides. You are not to be reading from them, they are to jog your memory. Try to aim for no more than about 40 words on a slide. You can use as many slides as you need. So in order to build your point, you can break things down to smaller pieces and have multiple slides. Also, you can always share the deck with the participants after the event. This is something they feel is of extra value.

If you are giving the deck away at the end, make a comment about this early on in your meeting. Something like “you don’t have to take notes, I will send you the deck at the end”.

Online workbooks

Another document you might want to have is a workbook. This is not something to consider starting to work on the day before your meeting. There is much to think about. What are people supposed to get from this meeting or workshop. Do they need space to write down answers or is there simple activities that they will be doing. The intention of the workbook should be clear and it is often useful to send this the day before as well. Remember, some people will print the workbook out and follow along with pen and paper. Others will want to fill in the workbook on the screen. So having fillable fields built into your PDF will allow those users to interact with the workbook as well. Best of both worlds.

Document design

Lakazdi can help you to design all these documents. Slide decks and workbooks will be custom made for you. If you’d like to make them yourself but would like a template made, Lakazdi can design you a PowerPoint presentation template or a Word Document template.

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