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An agency sent me an InDesign File – what now

(Hiring someone to convert it into a useful format)

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What is an InDesign File?

An InDesign File or INDD is the native file types for documents created inside the Adobe software InDesign. InDesign is a great piece of software for creating documents inside. It allows the user to incorporate vector graphics from Illustrator, photos from Photoshop and add in text, tables and interactive elements. This is where page layout happens.

Why did they send me an InDesign file?

This is standard practice. You hired the agency to do the work and designers work within Adobe software. They sent you the source files so that if you ever needed to edit them in the future, you can do this. If they did not send you the source files, ask for them, they are yours.

What can I do with an InDesign file?

The file is completely still editable. So you can always subscribe (or use a free trial) to InDesign and edit the files. But the learning curve for InDesign is very steep. You want to make sure though that you have all the links. Normally an agency will send an InDesign package which looks like this:

What an InDesign package looks like

Hire someone to work on the file for you

It makes sense for quick and simple changes to hire someone who can work on the file for you. This way you don’t have to learn how to use software that even many logo and web designers don’t know how to use. Just make sure a graphic designer has InDesign skills and you can send them the whole package and a request for changes. This is likely to be more cost effective than getting the software and learning for yourself.

Hire someone to convert the file into a useful format

However, if your file will always get changed by your staff, make it easier on you. Despite that the agency says, you can design presentations inside Powerpoint and reports inside of Word. It just has limitations. You can, and should, have any report and presentation templates converted into the software you use. You can take the files that the agency created for you and hire someone with specialist conversion skills to turn you designs into functional templates.

Get professional help

Lakazdi can convert your letterhead and reports into Word format and presentations/brochures into PowerPoint format. It is very easy and we can get started this week. Arrange a chat today.

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