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Reduce screentime. Increase the joy in your life by taking time away from screens.

Today we all have too many screens vying for our attention. We have smart phones, computers, tablets and tvs. Everything on these devices is designed to keep our eyeballs on the screen. They are super addictive. The biggest negative effects of screentime are: sleep deprivation, limited creativity, poor vision, bad posture, increased symptoms of mental illness. Not good. And just wearing blue-filter glasses alone is not a remedy.

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A simple remedy is to increase the time you spend away from the screen. Having boundaries around this and being mindful about how badly the screens can effect your life means you can know when to move away from the screen and do something else.

Find an activity that is screen-free that brings you joy.

Everyone is different. We all like different things. Think back over your life for activities that brought a smile to your face that didn’t include a screen (or social validation in any way). Something just for you. Some creativity inspiring examples include: cooking, painting, drawing, daydreaming, journalling. Some examples that are more about getting your hands to move and your brain to find some stillness. These include activities such as gardening, cross-stitch or other sewing crafts, doing a jig saw. Of course, you can also do any fitness activities such as: swimming, walking, cycling, hiking. Think things that aren’t about the competition or the tech.

It is extra important to find these kinds of activities that bring you joy if you work at a computer all day. Aim to reduce overall screentime.

Reduce screentime. Increase joy.

Simply, finding ways to bring extra joy into your life (while minimising the negative effects of screens) will bring more joy into your life. Find something that brings you joy (just for you) and do it. The lifetime benefits will pay off. Make this task a priority.

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