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business book design

Business Book Design

Business Book Design for Tess Brook.

This project was fun being able to take Tess’s idea for her book and turn it into a catchy design. We worked very closely together to achieve a look that would suit the content and the purpose of the  book.

book interior layout page designBusiness Book Design Business Book Design Business Book Design

The business book design did also include a few different types of content. Including some worksheets, some pullouts instructing readers to go to the website and there were several section start pages and case studies throughout.

Business Book Design and cover graphic designer

Business Book Design and cover graphic designer

The cover design was kept simple for maximum impact. There was also lots of content to put on the back. A blurb, author photo and profile, a quote from someone who had already read the book as well as the barcode. But in keeping with the clean and white design.

Business Book Design

Separate to the business book design were a couple of worksheets. These were put on the website and inside the book there are links to access them.

Business Book Design

The half title page contains a nice quote from the author. I listed out my details on the imprint or copyright page.

You can get a copy of Exit here.

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