Print is (not) dead.

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Recently when I met someone I told them I’m a print designer. They replied with “I thought print was dead”. They were a print designer and now focus on Web and other screen based media. I pointed out that surely they don’t really think print is dead, after all, they were holding a printed magazine and travel guidebook when they spoke to me.

It’s easy to see just the big bulky printed items like books and magazines. We all try to ignore advertising covering all the surfaces of the cities public transport network or the local shopping centre. So I think all this big stuff printing is overlooked.

Public transport media buy-out for reams of paper!

I’m still regularly asked for smaller printed items. Like an easy to pass out sales sheet. Or an ad that gets published in a newspaper. I like to make these be both for printing and for electronic sending. Two birds one stone. Better value for my client. More consistency.

I was walking around a major shopping center and found this area completely covered in printed materials. I see this and think, surely people can’t really think print is dead.

Pop up ads, product packaging, magazines style catalogue, small banner/large poster, point of sale advertising. These products are still being designed, printed and used today. In fact, this is some of the most fun items to be making!

Sorry, but print is not dead.

Travel Calendars

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I am a digital nomad. This means I travel alot. Before my very first big overseas, multi-destination trip, my parents asked me to make them a calendar they could use as the background on their tablet devices. As a graphic designer, this task is super easy. So I made some backgrounds in Illustrator. I figured they need to know city and flight/bus details. I thought I would throw in the visual reference of flags.


The desktop size of my laptop is much greater and I really liked these calendars as a way of knowing where I was now, and what was coming up. I used the additional widescreen area to put some key photos (found on Google) that inspired me about visiting these locations.


This year when going on another long-extended multi-destination trip, I did the same travel calendars for friends and family. I was super glad to have made it easy to work with as I went through adding the new flags and locations. This time the trip was a lot slower so there is lots of duplication. (I walked 500km on the Camino de Santiago).

desktop wallpaper travel holiday calendar infographic design by lakazdi freelance graphic designer specialising in books and documents

But at  the end of this trip, I had no home base to go back to and so many choices of my next adventure, I wasn’t sure how to express this. So I used fades and question marks.


The artboard in my Illustrator document has all the various goodies or elements to drag around as I need them. Super easy.

The desktop size of my laptop is much greater and I really liked these calendars as a way of knowing where I was now, and what was coming up. I used the additional widescreen area to put some key photos (found on Google) that inspired me about visiting these locations.

If you want something similar, contact me and we can discuss your specifics.

Items for sale on Redbubble

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It is amazing what the team at Red Bubble do. I am really impressed with the quality of their service and they make it super easy for people to sell their artwork online. I particularly like not having to worry about manufacturing and shipping the products myself since I am always travelling somewhere. These are the latest pieces I have added to Red Bubble.

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If you ever need your ideas brought to live and set up on Red Bubble, just contact me and I will help you out.

Too many ideas, too little time.

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Sometimes you have wonderful ideas and jump on them right away. Then you remember you have to do other things with your time and that new idea or project falls to the way side. After a while you totally forget about the idea and have had many more since.

Looking over old files on my creativity hard drive I see how my design sensibilities have changed; my personality very little. I also come across files from a time in my life where I had less going on so had more time and jumped on my ideas a little more.

One of my favourite old projects which has been sidelined for years is “We Spoilt It” a photographic book containing wonderfully beautiful and breathtaking images. The catch, there is something ugly and man-made in the frame wrecking a perfectly good photo. I think I took about three images. I think about it regularly though. I found the first of the images in amongst my old files and think: too many projects, too little time.


Evolution of avatars

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View from right to left.

Seeing how my own internet avatar has not only changed because of my change in personal branding but also with age I ponder.

As a child the only people who had these types of images of themselves were actors, scientists, authors or CEOs. These were people who relied on their face for work or their authority.

Ever since social media, everyone now has an avatar. They might change them frequently for personal profiles but if you looked at their career based image you will see a professional, hopefully. Now these people are not actors or authors. In the most case, they are just everyday people, like me. Yet here they are with professional head shots. I am a graphic designer who never would have had this type of image of myself in the past. There would never have been a need.

Now I see that over the years this image of me has transformed and evolved. In the past on the internet we all wanted a bit of anonymity. I hid behind a random image. That image evolved as my design sensibilities and personal branding grew. Then after some time it was perfectly normal to have a photo of myself on the internet. I took a self portrait of myself, feeling vulnerable. I liked how the picture turned out. I was having a good hair day. Then this image becomes my avatar, an image of myself that others then identify with. Even as my hair grew long and I grew older, this image was the image that represented me.

Once I was no longer in my early twenties I knew I needed to update that image. I was no longer a university student working the musical festivals circuit. I am now a grown up with a career trying to reinforce my professional image as a freelancer. I need people to take me seriously. I wore a nice shirt on a good hair day and took yet another self-portrait. This time there was no vulnerability, I knew my skills and now needed an image that showed I the professional that I am. I remember that day telling my mum about how I have now officially grown older on the internet.

Continuing on with professional development and branding changes, and the need for a more personal, warm photo. The same image from last year is now zoomed in. It is encased in a diamond, the main if only element of my personal branding. When all the other avatars are in boxes or circles I am still trying to be outside the box.

Efficient multi-tasking

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This year I am again doing the Popsugar reading challenge. For efficient and effective multi-tasking purposes I have opted to make the “a book that’s more than 600 pages” challenge double up as something useful work my career by reading the InDesign CC Help book. There are so many cool new features since I started learning InDesign CS2 and I must admit, I haven’t kept up to date as best as I should.

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connecting to digital nomad community

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I replied to a tweet from the digital nomad community. They asked to see photos of our work space for the day. Generally the images that go along with the hashtag digital nomad or remote worker show someone at the beach. This cannot be the reality.

Twitter, screenshot, reply remote work, desk office, retweet, community digital nomads freelancer

It was really nice getting two likes and two retweets. Because I am working remotely, it is just me and my computer which tends to get lonely. It was nice to reach out to the community of other people working remotely and get some connection in return. I feel a little less alone in my choice to work alone.