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Face-to-Face vs Online Teaching

face to face vs online delivery of workshops - what marketing and documents do you need

I was recently asked about some of the differences between Face-to-Face and Online Teaching. In particular, how can you make sure they have the exact same experience.

In my opinion, you can’t have them be the exact same experience. So my advice is:

Understand that you can’t give the same experience to both the face-to-face and the online participants. As much as an ideal world would want us to be able to offer the exact same event, we just can’t.

Marketing and document needs

I will give you a good system to apply to marketing and document needs. It’s really simple. Start planning your design/marketing/document needs by using three columns – one which is inclusions for face-to-face online, one for online participants only, and then another column for those things that will work for both.

face to face vs online delivery of workshops - what marketing and documents do you need

So for example: wayfinding signage and name tags are face-to-face only. Whereas zoom backgrounds and slides for online service are different to any that will go to the face-to-face people. Much of the marketing materials (especially your email and social media marketing) will be the overlap that should be the same for both. Of course, keep the design/theme the same for both. But approach the assets levels with three purposes.

It will make the overall workload more because of the split. However, it will make a better experience for each of the two types of participants.



face to face vs online delivery of workshops - what marketing and documents do you need

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