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Social media checklist for your event/workshop

The following information applies for events like conventions (as an organiser), running a booth at a trade show, workshops. They are not particularly industry specific, instead a generic  overview. Below is an easy to check list. Copy and paste, save or take a screenshot. And I will break down each of the posts with more detail.

social media posting checklist for running a workshop or holding an event like a booth at a conference, convention, trade show, exhibition

Checklist for social media posts

□ signup

□ register

□ early bird

□ a week out

□ tomorrow

□ today

□ thank you


Sign up

You will need to drive some traffic to your event page. For this, tell people what your event is. Tell them the day/time. And make sure that you give them a link to more information or your sign up page. This can be to an email mailing list or have them register for the event right away.


Social media uses many different keywords. Use this. Your core customers who already signed up will either have already signed up and would like the chance to share your register post. Or they might need a reminder to sign up. Even though the two posts seem very similar they are different.

Early bird

This is particularly useful if you have a cheaper price to entice people to sign up early. Remind people that you are able to save a bit of money if they register early. Another idea is to offer an added bonus for signing up early. It doesn’t have to be a saving/discount. It could be any value added bonus.

A week out

Remind people that you have your even t coming up. Remember to take the time to engage with any comments that come from this. Schedule an hour or so every day to answer comments and questions. This is post can also be used to get information from customers so that you know what their expectations are. Eg. You can ask for case studies. If you get information from customers, make sure you deliver. To also build up some traction, you might want to start a hashtag .


This is your last change to build some more excitement about your event. Get your hastag out there. It is likely that you will stop taking registrations by now. So this is not really a sales call but if you are doing online events, there is lots of evidence to show that this last-minute, fear-of-missing-out moment might see you getting more sales than in previous days.


At this stage, you are unlikely to get too many new customers. But this post will help to remind your customers that the event is on. It will give them another chance to share with their network the event they are doing. So be mindful to make an image they can share onward to their network.

For come bigger events, you can even use your social posts to be notifications for upcoming sessions throughout the day. Don’t forget to ask everyone to use the hashtag and to share their experience of the event.

Thank you

It is always nice to recognise everyone’s attendance. It is nice to feel welcome within your community. It is also advantageous to send an email to everyone at this stage thanking them and don’t forget to ask for feedback or testimonials so that you can improve on your event.

social media posting checklist for running a workshop or holding an event like a booth at a conference, convention, trade show, exhibition

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