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custom workbook design

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workbook design 100% custom based on your brand following company fonts and colours no template used unlimited activity pages based on your needs professional print and screen ready PDF with fillable fields best used for workshop lead magnet email list building teaching and selling course online

Have your workbook design brought up to the professional level your students deserve. Lakazdi will take your branding and transform your materials to the high quality level you cannot achieve without having specific design skills. Focus on your offering instead of design. No two workbooks will be the same because the audience and content are always so different. Don’t settle for a template or the basic look. Use this custom workbook design for meetings, workshops, face-to-face delivery, classrooms, seminars, online teaching, courses and a wide range of other situations. Can be used in any industry.

The bits that make a workbook

Lakazdi makes documents. Rest assured that whilst you put together all the learning content, Lakazdi will worry about the other stuff. Things like page numbers, table of contents, a proper cover, room to write it.

Activity pages

A workbook has both content to read through and space to engage and interact with the materials. You have devised the best activities to do this. Lakazdi will make sure all of these pages look amazing and will be intuitive for your students. If you need a specially designed activity on every page, no problems, Lakazdi can do that for you. Your workbook design comes with unlimited activity pages.

Built for print and the screen

When making your custom workbook design, Lakazdi will make sure that it is print ready. But of course, not everyone prints these days. Therefore in this case, Lakazdi will design with this in mind. So the book will be designed flexibly to allow for printing (no full pages of colour) and images will be crisp when printed. But thinking about the screen and your customers using the workbook online means other things. Firstly, Lakazdi will make all writing areas be fillable PDF fields. Images will be optimized for both good quality printing and small filesize so you can send the files through the internet. Hyperlinks will be clickable as will the table of contents.

form diary planner journal design workbook design for yoga studio who focuses on the eight limbs of yoga manifesting dreams using the chakra system and meditation


Headings, subheadings

These match your brand. As a standard, you will be given three heading levels. If you need any specific styles please let Lakazdi know and these will built in for you.

workbook for mindful leader book what is both print and electronic

Bulletpoints and numbered lists.

In case you need them, these are all custom selected by our designer to match your brand.


Take a look.

Kassandra Bowers Marsh graphic designer brisbane Caboolture Australia digital nomad remote agency

Hi, I am Kassandra.

I’m Kassandra. I’m a document designer and a twin. I love helping companies create consistency across all their communications. My special trick is my process and systems driven mind. This makes me great at making everything fit just right on the page, build workflows and love production style work.

Most of my clients teach or sell something so I make their workbooksbrochuressocial media imagesbannersadvertisements. I have a Bachelor of Computer-Based Art and Design from the University of the Sunshine Coast.