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Watercolour clean up

It has been very enjoyable doing a project where I got to do some watercolour clean up. The artwork is for a children’s book. This project is to use my graphic design skills to get the book ready for printing. Here is a before and after picture.

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During the initial consultation with the client when scopping out the project, I discussed using my skills in image editing to clean up the images. It’s fun work to do because I have a Wacom tablet so it is a bit like painting. Plus over the years Photoshop has gotten even quicker and better at helping me clean up images. Over all it added a better finish and more professional book. Particularly on the back cover where I’ve been able to improve readability.

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Hi, I am Kassandra.

I am not only a qualified graphic designer but also a qualified early-childhood educator. I have spent years typesetting educational materials including thick textbooks. My clients are industry experts who now teach others. They use my skills to increase their audience and maximise the value of their content by improving the attractiveness and readability of all their resources.