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Digital Marketing Strategy

There are so many options out there in terms of digital marketing strategy. The best place to start is to look at where your current customers are. You could always ask them to answer a poll. What you are trying to find out is where they are hanging out. If your customers are all reading blog posts and you are wanting to do podcasts, you will miss them. Or if your customers are all on Instagram but not Facebook, again you will miss them.
digital marketing strategy for promoting and advertising your business
Once you have established where your customers are try different types of posts and measure engagement. This is a bit of trial and error. There are many courses online what will teach you how to create posts and how to improve your engagement. But again, ask. While all the websites might say the best time to post is 9am it might turn out your customers are seeing posts at 6pm. You will have spotted this if you were testing and measuring.
The other thing to consider in your digital marketing strategy is coming across too strong and being spammy. No matter how good someones graphics are, or their message, or their product. If I feel like they are invading my personal space though multiple emails a day while also pushing advertisements so I see them in my Facebook Feed and my YouTube videos, I distrust them. I unsubscribe. I hear people say that “that’s okay I am not an ideal customer” and that might be true today, but by unsubscribing now I never see your message again and when the time is right, you have already lost me as a customer. This is a more long term consequence that people easily forget.
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Hi, I am Kassandra.

I am not only a qualified graphic designer but also a qualified early-childhood educator. I have spent years typesetting educational materials including thick textbooks. My clients are industry experts who now teach others. They use my skills to increase their audience and maximise the value of their content by improving the attractiveness and readability of all their resources.